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Services in production certification, registration of allowing documents, Exeptions letters






“SIMEX Service” LLC  will provide you with:

- a unique chance to get a complex solution of all questions and may be problems connected with product/service promotion to Russian market;
- we will arrange a complete list of permissive documents (Certificates, Licenses, Permissions and others) which will be necessary for you to export any kinds of products to Russia.
- all documents will be executed in accordance with current legislation and normative-legal base of the Russian Federation.
- we will consult you on questions connected with customs' registration of loads and offer you our help in transporting your products to the territory of Russia;
- at your request we will carry out marketing researches (we will determine the price level, the product competitive ability etc.);
- we will provide you with all necessary information about exhibition activities, forums, contests and tenders for products and equipment purchasing taking place in Russia and its regions.
- we will help you to identify the product code according to TN VED (The National Classification of Goods), to audit a buyer company or a product supplier.
Working with us you get the following advantages:
- decrease of time period for product entering the Russian market;
- decrease of risks;
- increase of sales volume;
- getting a reliable partner;
- decrease of organization and financial expenses;
- our experts and consultants will provide you with on-line support,
- all documents will be sent to you by express delivery (DHL,THT);
- we receive all necessary certification documents in your language and translate them into Russian;
- we perform product tests and examinations quickly and properly in accredited test laboratories and certification bodies of our consortium;
- we will execute all documentation necessary for you in accordance with your confidence in any Ministry and authority of executive power of the Russian Federation, we will obtain all necessary documents for your product;
- all services provided by us are carried out strictly confidentially and on a high professional level.

Conformance certificate GOST R is a perfect marketing instrument for attracting a Russian buyer.

Timing of works on documentation execution:
a) timing for execution of Voluntary Certificates, Exemption Letters, Conformance Claimants, Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusions, Mandatory Conformance Certificates of Gosstroy, Fire Safety Certificates is from two to twenty days.

b) timing for execution of Conformance Certificates of Ministry of Communications of Russia, Permissions of Gostekhnadzor, Certificates of Conformance for Weighing and Measuring Devices, Registration Certificates for Medical Equipment and products, Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusions, Registration Certificates of Rospoterbnadzor of Russian Public Health Ministry for dietary supplements, State Registration Certificates of Rospoterbnadzor of Russian Public Health Ministry for Disinfectant Means is from 1.5 to 3 months.

c) timing for execution of Registration Certificates for medicaments, pharmaceutical substances and new medical technologies is from 6 months to 1 year.


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